Fall’s Best Shoe

Sneakers are basic shoes that have really been trending over the past years. Wether they are embelished with sparkly designs or plain and white, there is a pair for (almost!) every occasion. But as the weather gets colder and the leaves get darker, our shoe options are bound to change. This fall, the shoe I am recommending is a pair of fun black slip-on sneakers because they will not get dirty or ruined because of the weather. Here are three pairs I love.


First, we have these adorable bow sneakers, which offer added height because of their thick sole. Although I am generally not too crazy aout Michael Kors products, I love these because there is no big logo. They are also very well-crafted and the suede is beautiful.


This pair,  from the brand Wishbone Collection (which you can find at Browns and B2 stores if you live in Canada) are definetely not for everyone but they are so unique I couldn’t resist sharing them. I’ve seen many brands create similar shoes but these ones stood out because the pompom is not too big and the mix of suede and leather fabrics adds lots of texture.

Womens Tempo Slip-On Trainers

Last but not least, these sneakers, although they aren’t embelished, are great because of their versatility. The canvas fabric means you don’t need to worry about them getting dirty and they are under 50$. You can purchase them at The Bay or at Topshop stores.