3 Book Recommendations

Today I am sharing with you 3 books I have absolutely loved and recommend to any teenager who is looking for a fun read this autumn.

1-Carve The Mark

This sci-fi novel recently came out and for me it was love at first sight, simply because Veronica Roth,  the author, is one of my favourites. In this particular book, she has created an entire universe much different from ours and it is truly captivating to follow our hero. Many social and political conflicts of today are present and make us reflect on the problems of our world.

2-The Secret Dream World of a Shopaholic

This book and the entire shopaholics series is a must for any fashionista. If you have seen the movie “confessions of a shopaholic”, you’ve already met the main character in this novel. The storyline, as hilarious as it is, is also captivating and there isn’t one moment of boredom.

3-Harry Potter (All of Them!)

Last but not least, I offer you a classic of our time. The Harry Potter series, perfect for all ages, is one I only recently discovered and only wish I would have sooner. The magically mesmorizing world of witches and wizards gets you right from the start because every detail is so well thought-out. You can’t help but want to be apart of it once you’ve gone through the first 100 pages and with reason.

I only have good things to say about these suggestion and hope you find time to enjoy these books just like I have.